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An infinite journey – A never ending dream

You may wonder who you are, you may ask yourself why everything happens to you.

You may fall again and again, you may get up and try and confront yourself with your daemons but it is not enough.

You fall down again and again and again and again and again and again.

You are saying to yourself: “Maybe I am not destined to shine bright within this life. Maybe this is not my life.”

But you are still alive. You are breathing. You are a vibrant spiritual being full of love, energy and creativity. You do carry an infinite amount of dreams within yourself. You can actively decide where to put your attention, you can learn whatever you want to learn. You are free to choose. You do have a free will. The universe sent you all of these signals to say: “Hey you, yes you, you are probably not on your own souls’ journey so far. You need to recorrect, you should love a little bit more and be more gentle. Simply let go and accept wherever you do find yourself. And then breath in deeply, breath out deeply, flow with the water and with the winds, feel the ground and the earth. Observe all of the beauty that is surrounding you.”

Touch your heart and perceive the beating of your own self. This is you, this is this magnificent infinite being full of potentials and an incredibly amount of talent. You are the one who eradicated impossible out of the dictionaries – you transformed it into: “I’m possible”.

You wake up each morning with the awareness to actively decide. You are the change. You are the shift. You are the one who is shaping the present. You are walking with billions of people within each blink of an eye into the future. You are meant to shine bright. You do inspire with each single step that you take. You are so utterly sensitive. You see a butterfly and you are being touched. You are together with all of these beautiful souls out there. You are connected. You are a small drop within this spectacular cosmic ocean.

But still, it is not enough. You are receiving these setbacks each day. You always say to yourself: “Why do I even try again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Why do I open up the notebooks each single day again and again and again and again and again and again and again and why do I write for hours if it is bright and if it is dark? Why do I whisper to the lights of the candles within the nights, why do I even get up, why do I believe in something?”

It doesn’t matter which gender you are. But if you are caged within yourself, you fully need to take responsibility for yourself. Look within the mirror. Again and again and again and again. See and observe this sensitive being full of fear and doubts. Let all of the tears appear, do show yourself, put off your mask of arrogance or egoism. Do leave behind everything. Open your eyes. See yourself in the mirror. Touch your heart again and again and again. Feel yourself. Feel who you are. Say to yourself: “I am the one that is responsible for my own life. If I am not happy, I do need to change. I cannot expect others to give me something for what I am not able to give to myself. I am great. I am myself. I am vulnerable. I am shy. I am sensitive. I am carrying this fear within myself. But I do accept it. I do accept myself with all of my shadows and scarfs. I do accept it.”

You are standing on the cliff. The old is not fitting anymore but the new is such a tremendous change. But you have seen it in your dreams so often. You can fly. You are able to fly. So you do open your wings. It is possible. It is painful. It is scarry. But it is working.

Within your dreams you did practice it so often. You made this one single step leaving the secure ground. And you flew. Your heart is beating as hard as it can. Adrenaline kicks through your body. But it is working. First you do fall into the depths. You think you are dying. It feels as you are dying. But your wings do flap. The air is rushing through your feathers.

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